• Lydie Dalton

Your wedding flower planning - a special moment in the lead up to your wedding

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Having just celebrated my third wedding anniversary with a very lovely boat trip gently sailing down the Thames, I couldn't help but to think back on my own wedding flower planning.

My wedding flowers were stunning. I decided not to do my own just because I know how much work is actually involved. And so I handed the reins to another reputable florist, whose floral style I admire.

David Austin scented rose Juliet

I did not want a traditional bridal bouquet but instead chose an elegant wrist corsage with gorgeous David Austin Juliet Roses. Scented flowers have always been my thing and so it goes without saying that my flowers had to smell divine!

I clearly remember my wedding flower consultation. My daughter Alexia and my husband-to-be both wanted to be involved which was lovely. The whole experience was enjoyable and relaxed. Alexia chose a simple flower crown made of whimsical Gypsophila and a smaller version of my wrist corsage. I never dreamt that my wedding florist would then become the famous florist of Harry and Meghan's Royal Wedding...

Your wedding flower planning should be an enjoyable experience, free of stress and it should get you even more excited about your special day. It should be about making memories, not just of the big day itself, but the lead up to it too.

After all the wedding planning is a long process that you will be living and breathing for at least a whole year!

My own experience was lovely and so it is a must for me that each and every one of my client should feel special, unhurried, listen to and inspired by their time with me.

Lydie x

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