• Lydie Dalton

6-step guide to having your dream wedding flowers

Updated: Jan 10

Choosing a wedding florist who’s right for you

As a wedding florist, I must confess to being a little biased! But your wedding flowers are so important! Of all the styling decisions you’ll make, your wedding flowers will have the single biggest impact on the overall ‘look’ of your day. They have the ability to transform any space, bringing the gentle beauty of nature into your venue. They’ll be in every photo. And above all else, they frame your day as a joyful celebration of life and love.

And so choosing your wedding florist isn’t a decision you should rush into. You need to find ‘the one’, and then work closely with them to give you wedding flowers you adore.

But how do you get your dream wedding flowers? From choosing your wedding florist, to working with them to bring your vision to life, I’ve created a 6-step guide. Just follow the steps and your wedding flowers will steal the show in every photo (well of course you’ll steal the show first!).

And with spring and summer weddings just around the corner, I’m treating you to plenty of spring and summer wedding flowers inspiration as we go!

Spring Wedding Flowers bride bouquet
Spring captured in this bouquet with blossoms and sweet peas.

1. How to choose your dream wedding florist?

Floristry is creative. It’s an art. Actually it is also called Floral Design. Sometimes you'll see the terms "Wedding Florist" and 'Wedding Floral Design" used interchangeably. There are differences and of course similarities. One easy simple way would be to say a Florist tend to have an actual shop-front and a Floral Designer tend to work for a Studio and be more bespoke. A too simplistic description of course but likely sufficient for the purpose of this blog, so am going to refer to Wedding Florists and than includes those with florist shops and those working from studios.

The main thing to take note of is every wedding florist has a different style, and a unique ‘look’ to their creations. Trust me, you can give two wedding florists the exact same flowers, foliage and brief, they’ll absolutely end up creating something quite unique and different from each other. So you need to find a someone whose work you love and whose style will fit in with how you imagine your day to look.

Your venue may have a list of recommended suppliers but even then you still need to decide which on the list might be the right fit for you. Or indeed if you prefer someone not on the list. Your day, Your way !

  • Read reviews and look through social media with your preferred theme for your wedding in mind (Instagram/Pinterest/website which should feature wedding florists' own work and a good mix of real weddings and inspiration editorial).

  • Invest a little time in an initial phone chat. Don't just email and ask for a quote without first speaking to the wedding florist. You'll easily get from that initial conversation a sense of whether they might be a good fit which won't be able to get from just an email. Ask for advice, guidance and ask questions about their Terms and Conditions.

  • After the initial call, the wedding florist should be able to write you an estimate and send you their T&Cs. If the proposal describes your vision clearly then that's the best start possible as that is proof that your brief and vision for your wedding flowers have been understand, thought through and clearly articulated.

  • At this stage of an initial proposal, not every wedding florist sends a mood board. I often include an initial floral board to illustrate the flowers and foliage I mention in your proposal. I know potential clients find this most helpful as it gives a really good indication of the colour palette and whether we are on the same page. I then create a full floral mood-board once you have booked with me.

Sussex Wedding Florist
Romantic wedding floral urn with gorgeous peonies.

My floristry style is what I call Modern Romantic, quite full and abundant, away from the traditional teaching of rigid flower placements, blending textures and hues. I am also a lover of big blooming roses and so there’re usually plenty in all my designs, nestled within seasonal blooms or stealing the show proudly. And I love creating luxurious, abundant designs and huge generous floral installations that turn heads!

Every floral design I create is bespoke to each wedding and tailored specifically to each couple’s vision and their personalities. But invariably, my style is better suited to couples who want their wedding flowers to have that ‘wow’ factor and play a prominent role in the styling of their day .

If this style sounds perfect for your wedding and you’re looking for a wedding florist in Kent, Surrey or Sussex, I’d love to hear from you! So please get in touch today.

2. Align your theme with your wedding flowers

Your wedding flowers will be a constant feature throughout your whole day. And so they should tie every element of your styling together from your bridal gown, your bridesmaids’ dresses, groom’s attire to the venue's style. It all needs to be harmonious. Everything should have an intentional, cohesive theme.

For me when I create wedding flowers, it’s never in isolation to the rest of the wedding styling. That’s why I will spend time with you talking about your inspiration, your wedding theme your broader vision for the day, the props you may be hiring, the colour of your table-ware etc . And I’ll help point you in the right direction if you’re feeling a little lost or overwhelmed by it all!

From there I create a floral ‘mood board’, and work with you to create bespoke floral designs that compliment your dress, your bridesmaids' dresses, your style, and the overall theme of your wedding.

If you’d like to book yourself in for an initial consultation, fill out my contact form and I’ll get in touch.

3. Choosing your wedding flowers

I love working with seasonal blooms to create fresh and original floral designs to complement your theme, but it is also true that a lot of blooms are available for longer out of season though often time the quality and the resilience of the blooms will not be as good than if in the actual season. Every season brings its bounty and when deciding on your theme you’ll need to take into account the season of your wedding.

For spring weddings I love to use lots of roses, peonies, and the beautiful delicate blossoms of spring.

For summer weddings, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to vibrant, vivacious blooms. I love to use playful daisies, delphiniums that catch the summer sun, as well as scented stocks to carry through the seasonal heat.

Autumn is one of the most bountiful seasons with incredible hues in foliage and textures with berries and seed pods. If you’re getting married in autumn and would love some autumn wedding flower inspiration, have a look at my autumn wedding blog.

Winter weddings are well suited to white and ivory hues and lots of foliage as the wonderful scented grey blue tones of Eucalyptus foliage is at its very best.

4. Visit your venue with your wedding florist

I can’t stress this enough. If you want your wedding styling to be perfectly aligned with your venue, you should meet your wedding florist there before your wedding day to discuss where the floral arrangements will be best placed, assess how easy they may be repositioned from the ceremony to the reception areas.

As a wedding florist with a studio based in Sussex, I've worked in venues all across Surrey, Sussex Kent and also London (actually in 2022 I will also work in a beautiful in Dorset as a client getting married there fell in love with my florals). But no matter how many times I’ve worked somewhere, I’ll always offer to meet you at your venue to discuss how you imagine YOUR wedding to look. Because it’s your wedding day, your vision, your dream. And so I always want to make sure your wedding flowers are everything you’ve dreamed they’d be.

Whether it’s positioning the floral installations, or adding colour, interest and vibrancy to certain corners of the room. I’ll be there on the day to make sure everything goes as planned, and I bring your vision to life.

Wedding Flowers decor
Wedding Flower installations, hanging cloud and moon-gate arch

5. Choose your floral installations

Yes floral installations are a bit of an investment. But they are such a good investment ! Flower arches, floral urns and floral columns are all large statement pieces and they bring a special element of the extraordinary to your wedding.

Floral urns especially are a signature of mine and represent good value as they can be easily moved around so you can enjoy them throughout the day. And of course, these spectacular installations will feature in all your wedding photos, meaning you’ll get to appreciate them for years to come!

I love creating these statement pieces for my couples. And in our initial consultation we can discuss your vision for the day and what kind of installation would tie in with your wedding’s style and theme. It’s also a fun part of our venue visit, deciding where we’re going to put them so they have the maximum, “oh wow, look at that!”effect on your guests!

6. Confirm the details

The days leading to your Wedding can be stressful. With emotions running high and so many moving parts, you want to make sure everything’s as streamlined as possible. And so before your day arrives, you should make sure all the final details are cemented in place including with your florist. Actually I always get in touch again with all my couples a few weeks before their weddings to finalise any details, check I have all the correct details and if necessary discuss any adjustments to number.

I also let you know when your beautiful flowers have arrived in my studio usually within a week before your wedding and send you little snippets of them as I know my couples find that reassuring and very exciting too! I also liaise with your wedding venue's co-ordinator or if working with a wedding planner then liaise with them to double check everything. I am a serious planner at heart and so I always tend to double and triple check before a wedding that everything is at it should.

On your special day, I get to the venue early with my team to deliver, install and create your beautiful floral arrangements. I never leave the floral arrangements for the wedding co-ordinators, or other suppliers to position. So you can be safe in the knowledge your spectacular floral designs are all in place.

Looking for a wedding florist in Kent, Surrey or Sussex or London?

I specialise in designing florals to bring your vision for your wedding to life. From our first consultation, to my creation of your mood board, all the way through to when I hand deliver your bridal bouquet, I work tirelessly to create floral designs unique to you.

If you love my work and would like for me to be your wedding florist, I’d be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch today for an initial consultation and let’s start your dream wedding flowers journey together! Lydie X