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Autumn wedding flowers inspiration

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Why I love autumn weddings

If you’re having an autumn wedding, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be beautiful. As the heat of summer fades away, trees explode into fireworks of colour. And the landscape is blanketed in red, amber and gold. So just step outside your venue, and you’re sure to find a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos!

But there’s so much more to autumn than just the trees. The beautiful array of seasonal autumn wedding flowers and the warm autumn palette give you the opportunity to style a truly beautiful wedding.

So what are the dos and don’ts of autumn wedding flowers? And how can you showcase the season in a way that compliments your theme?

Working as a wedding florist in Sussex, Kent, Surrey takes me to countless beautiful wedding venues in all seasons. But I have to say, autumn weddings have to be my favourite. So I’ve put together some ideas for your autumn wedding flowers. With plenty of inspiration, tips and ideas on how to take full advantage of nature’s most bountiful season.

Choosing your autumn wedding theme

The first thing to do before you make any styling or floristry decisions is to choose your theme. The modern approach is to choose a range of colours within a palette, rather than a single colour.

For an autumn wedding colour palette, I’d recommend choosing ambers, reds, and the deepest hints of velvety chocolates and burgundies. This warm palette compliments the tones of the season and adds richness to the golden, russet tones of the foliage and seasonal blooms. Even add a touch of deep blue from seasonal Eryngium for an extra pop of coulour.

The best autumn wedding flowers

For autumn wedding flowers, I love to use lots of foliage in rich autumnal hues, showcasing the rusty browns, reds and ambers that are so iconic to the season.

But for me, floral designs should be as much about texture as they are about colour. And for autumn arrangements I create this depth of texture by using dried florals, grasses and berries. Celebrating the bountifulness of the season and rounding out the designs with a delicate softness.

I introduce vibrant bursts of colour with seasonal blooms. Dahlias in crimson, burgundy and rusty tones, accompanied by gold and toffee roses and other seasonal flowers within the autumnal palette.

But of course, deciding which florals and foliage to use is only a small part of it. The real magic happens when they come together to create unique designs that reflect who you are as a couple, in harmony with the overall style of your wedding.

Possibly the most important part of your floristry

My favourite part of any wedding day is presenting my bride with her bouquet. Because bouquets are such a personal gift to create for someone. It’s your bouquet. And after many bouquets presentations, I still get butterflies when revealing my creations.

And so for me, it’s so much more than just a bundle of flowers that match the colour scheme of the wedding. It’s my labour of love, and I strive to have your unique personality shining through every stem.

From a styling perspective, the bouquet is arguably the single most important piece of floristry in your wedding. Because it ties your bridal look to the rest of the flowers and visually links the bride to the wedding’s styling as a whole. The wedding flowers, the dress, the buttonholes, the bouquet, they should all flow seamlessly into each other to create one cohesive, harmonious theme.

Autumn wedding bouquet inspiration

Just because you’re working within the autumn palette, it doesn’t mean you're in any way restricted to having a certain style of bouquet. These three brides all had autumn weddings in the same wedding venue, Wadhurst Castle. Each had their own bouquet as unique and beautiful as themselves.

Colleen’s bouquet was an explosion of colour in seasonal blooms. Gorgeous dahlias with yummy names like Brown Sugar and Cornel Bronze combined with the deep burgundies and toffees of the other flowers to create a vibrant, warm bouquet. And I absolutely LOVE her floral crown as well and how it suited her gorgeous hair and personality so beautifully.

Emily’s bouquet was designed to be unstructured, which is a wonderful option if your styling is a little more free and relaxed. I used premium Westminster Abbey and Toffee roses to compliment the elegance of her dress, mixed dried and fresh florals and added ethereal bronze fern and eucalyptus to give the bouquet a free-flowing shape and texture. As Emily’s bridesmaids were all in different dresses, I was given free rein to design a different bouquet unique to each bridesmaid which I absolutely loved. Emily's bouquet is tied with a luxurious velvet silk ribbon hand-crafted by the lovely Viv at Little Acorn Silks silk ribbon

Ellanie wanted an unstructured, wild look to her bouquet, which aligned beautifully with the boho-chic styling of their wedding. With foliage as one of the main stars, seasonal seed pods, roses, dahlias and dried florals. It was wild, free and relaxed. And all tied together with a golden velvet silk ribbon that mirrored the amber accents of the groom’s buttonhole.


Investing in statement pieces

If you’re looking for floral designs to set your wedding apart, statement pieces like these huge floral urns and floral columns are guaranteed to give your wedding that ‘wow’ factor.

They frame the day so beautifully, often attracting crowds of admiring guests! And they can feature in all your couple’s photos as well, making them a really good investment. Because you’ll look at them for years to come. Floral urns especially can be easily moved around, meaning you can enjoy them all through the day.

I love creating these statement pieces and I find the burgundy, red, and amber colours of autumnal blooms and foliage come together to create something truly amazing.

Flowers for arch in wedding
Close up for this floral urn full of blooms and autumnal foliage (my own photo...)

Planning an autumn wedding? Let’s chat!

Your wedding flowers can transform any venue, add splashes of beautiful colour to your day, and invite the breathtaking beauty of nature indoors. I love working closely with my couples, getting to know them and finding out their vision for their day. And creating wedding flowers that are truly personal to them and that they really genuinely love.

I create luxurious, modern wedding flowers all year round (not just autumn!) If you love my work and would like me to create your beautiful wedding flowers , I’d be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch today for a chat.

Wedding ceremony flowers
Me just after we finished installing the floral columns




Silk ribbons: Little Acorn Silks