Booking Your Wedding Flowers During Covid-19

It’s incredibly difficult to be planning your wedding at the moment with all of the on-going uncertainty. The announcement last Monday brought a most welcome new ray of light, hope and positivity from the second half of June. Of course there is still some uncertainty and many couples have the difficult task to have to consider their options again for early spring weddings.

Your wedding flowers are the number one way to bring your vision and your wedding theme to life. They instantly transform the feel of a wedding ceremony space or reception room and they will feature on all your wedding photos. Having confidence in your supplier, being clear from outset about their approach and process will give you the emotional space you need to be able to enjoy your wedding flowers planning journey.

In this blog, I am sharing with you my top tips from my own experience as a wedding florist supplier. I hope they will give you confidence in these uncertain times when you are looking to book your wedding flowers.

If I have to chose a handful of top tips, they would be ....

  • It is more important than ever that you feel confident and are clear about suppliers' Terms and Conditions.

  • During your initial chat or consultation with a supplier make sure you allow time for a conversation about their policy and options for postponements. It's so easy to let time run away talking about flowers and all things beautiful and then running out of time to talk about other important stuff.

  • Think ahead of your chat or consultation about specific points you might be concerned about. For example, in the event of last minute government changes on restrictions for the number of guests allowed, will your supplier be happy to review the scope of your order with you ? What is their policy on revising your estimate?

  • I know this one is an obvious one, but... when you receive your proposal/estimate, make sure you take proper time to read through the T&Cs. I know they tend to be long and tedious and so it's always the part we all tend to skim over (I am as guilty as anyone on this...). If you have questions on the T&Cs, don't be shy to ask for clarification.

  • As suppliers we are dealing with almost daily changes in booking dates like never before, which means availability of dates is changing super fast Try not to let the current uncertainty delay getting in touch with a supplier you would love to work with. Get in touch as soon as you can and make sure you have that all important discussion about the supplier's booking process, their approach and their T&Cs from the outset and that you feel you are a good fit. If you have confidence in the supplier working with you, your wedding flowers planning journey in these tricky times will be a better one for it.

So how have I put into action the tips I have just dished out ? After the initial shock of what was taking place in the world and the realisation that we were all going to be in it for a long while, the Lydie Dalton Floral Design's Team made the decision that we would endeavour to be as supportive and as flexible as we possibly can in our approach working with our existing and our new clients .

For us , the flexible approach we wanted to offer meant that we have implemented "Relaxed Balance Payment, Cancellations and Postponements" Terms and Conditions during the continuing Covid-19 situation. Also and this is a question I am asked a lot, if you happen to have to reduce the numbers of guests at your wedding due to Government restrictions and as a result wish to review the scope of your order - say for example you will only need 3 table decoration centrepieces instead of 6, we will revise your estimate accordingly. If you would like to find more information about it please do get in touch with me directly

Planning your wedding flowers should be a stress-free, memorable and fun journey. And of course currently for a lot of couples wedding planning is anything but stress-free. I am so sympathetic to all of you trying to navigate through the uncertainty. So be safe in the knowledge that I am working hard to minimise the stress and to make your wedding flowers planning journey an enjoyable one.

Almost all of the entire 2020 wedding season was postponed to 2021. Then, in turn most of the spring 2021 wedding season is getting postponed to late 2021 or to 2022. This, in addition to new bookings coming in for 2022. Therefore our availability - like all suppliers, is changing rapidly. So don't delay, drop me a line to chat through your requirements and I will be very happy to explain our approach and booking process.

You can contact me via my website or email me directly at

Stay safe and well,

Lydie X

All photos in this blog are from Fiona Kelly Photography

At Wadhurst Castle