Christmas Wreaths at Lydie Dalton Floral Design, florist in Brighton and Hove, Sussex

A bumpy sleigh ride as a wedding florist... What a year we've all had, ups and downs as bumpy as a sleigh ride. Thankfully Christmas and the end of the year are in sight bringing happier times.

With the festive season almost upon us, it is full on creating our Christmas wreaths at Lydie Dalton Floral Design. Due to demand, in addition to our local deliveries in Brighton and Hove and Sussex, we have started shipping nationwide. Local and nationwide deliveries will start the first week of December. It seems more important than ever this year to prepare for a beautiful, comforting Christmas and festive decorations can bring much joy and festive spirit. With that in mind we have created some beautiful large and full wreaths.

For our wreaths colours we have stayed with the traditional colours of green and red, bringing a contemporary and playful twist to them.

Our Ice Queen wreath and its silvery colours lis the picture of elegance on a door.

Because nothing says Christmas time like a bowlful of red berries, our Very Berry Wreath brings all the tradition of the colour red with the playful twist of rose gold pine cones.

Not being able to host Christmas wreath workshops has not deterred us from creating a gorgeous Christmas wreath kit for you to make your very own beautiful wreath.

Each kit has a large wreath ring prepared with fresh moss and a protective backing so the wreath can also be used as a stunning table Christmas decoration. There's also:

  • Fresh pine and foliage.

  • Scented citrus fruit, cinnamon sticks and pine cones wiht the true scent of Christmas.

  • Wires and strings

  • We've had also much fun preparing a step by step video available through our Wreath making Facebook Group.

Happy wreath making!


The eerie quietness of this year for our wedding work has been the opportunity to create and launch our new shop on line collection of gift flowers Utopia Fleurs by Lydie Dalton Floral Design in association with Prune Legleuher - a very talented fellow florist, which has been a project of mine for some time. Visit our new online shop to see our beautiful planted orchids, rose bouquets and of course our wreaths. We've also created stunning hat boxes arrangements full of fresh roses. They are the perfect Christmas gift and make such a statement in any homes. There's a beautiful elegant hat box rose arrangement with roses in hues of dusty pink and nude, a vibrant red roses arrangement and a romantic pink one too.

With our Hush Blush rose hat box arrangement, the team at Lydie Dalton Floral Design wishes you all a peaceful and happy Christmas!

Lydie xx